Loot Crate Level Up Announcement


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Get ready for some Chrononaut Couture because this month is all about TIME! Take our +2 Socks featuring a futuristic Marvel hero for a spin or blast back to the past with a brainy buddy (it’s all relative)! Travel through time and relative dimensions in style with as many +1 Accessories as Time Lords have hearts! And prepare yourself because October’s +1 Wearable may awaken your ancient ancestral memories and have you looking sharper than a hidden wrist blade!

For the two items I watch, Accessories looks like its going to be two Doctor Who items, which I am ecstatic about.  Wearable is going to be Assassins Creed?  I have never gotten into the franchise (I did not even realize there was time travel involved), I am tempted, but I think I am going to pass and stick with the Accessories only.

Level Up Fail


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I received my Loot Crate Level Up items yesterday, and total fail.  Two more Pokemon items.  *head desk*

On the upside, Loot Crate has announced its October theme!

lootoctober lootoctober2Back to the Future!  Bill & Ted!!  Doctor Who!!!  I am super excited!  I am going to wait until they give the Level Up clues, but I may have to re-subscribe to the wearable for this one….and maybe even the socks!

Happy October Birthday to me!

Loot Crate September, 2015: Summon


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20150922_221920-1This months LootCrate arrived, and first I must say that the shipping is a bit loony right now.  I received my Level Up tracking information at least a week ago, but still no Level Up item.  For the regular crate, I received the tracking information the day it was delivered, AFTER the package was delivered.  Odd.

So, Summon.  I was nervous about this crate from the get go, and it seems rightly so.  While there were some redeemable items, overall, this crate was a fail for me.

20150922_221834-1The box was pretty cool, folding out to look like a treasure chest.  This is actually up there as one of my favorite box designs, although I wish it were larger that I could actually store a decent amount of stuff in there.

20150922_221642-1 20150922_221652-1 20150922_221659-1My favorite item is probably the Supernatural Loot Crate exclusive.  A mini 1967 Chevy Impala.  I probably would not have bought this for myself, but it is still pretty cool.

20150922_221528-1Next up, a Hearthstone stress ball.  If only I did not have a Clyde stress ball already on desk at work.  I don’t know, maybe I should start a stress ball collection.  This makes me miss WoW.

20150922_221544-1Neutral about this.  It is pretty cool looking, but I doubt I will use it.  It is a Hearthstone Collectible Coin and Card Pack Code.

20150922_221509-1I like Simpsons as much as the next person, but this is just not the kind of thing I am ever going to display anywhere.  It is a Homer Buddha.  I did not take it out of the package, because I am definitely going to gift it to someone, but I took a picture of the box next to the magazine picture.

20150922_221426-1By far my least favorite item, and the first thing I saw when I opened my crate, is this Pikachu hat (I had to look at the magazine just to know how to spell Pikachu).  I hate Pokemon with a passion.  My first two days working at Wizards of the Coast were during a Pokemon expansion release…hell on earth, and then I had a stalker there who came in for the Pokemon league.  Beyond that, I was too old for Pokemon when it released, hell, I was too old for the Power Rangers, but I can at least stomach them.  This is definitely going to have to find a better home, because I want none of it.

As I said, I am still waiting on my Level Up item.  I cancelled the Wearable item for this month, but kept the Accessory, so I am really hoping it is worth it.  I just checked the tracking again, and it looks like it is delivering today, so I should be unwrapping that around the time that this post goes live.  Beyond that, I just hope that October is better, especially being my birthday month.


Happy Anniversary Harley Quinn


DragonCon 2015 Recap


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Another DragonCon has come and gone, and I am already counting down the days until the next one (no, really, 356 days).

I spent a lot more time in the dealer hall this year, helping my friend Nico at her booth Binary Soul where she sells chainmail jewelry that she makes by hand.  She is not going to be vending next year, though she is considering moving to the Art Show and/or opening custom orders to bring for next years DragonCon.  She is also a writer buddy of mine, we often trade stories, and may one day do a crossover between our novels (if I ever finish mine).


The most memorable moment for me was when I was hanging out with a group of friends doing Grecian DC characters.  A gentleman took our pictures, and then offered us dumdums.  I, as Harley, playfully accused him of calling me a dumdum.  He asked if I would rather have “puddin'” to which I replied that I always want “puddin’.”  At that, he pulled out a pudding cup and tiny spoon.  It was too perfect.

Here is a recap of my costumes from each day:

DCon2015 Costumes copyThe picture used for Saturday is actually an old one from DragonCon a few years back, that was my most photographed costume, but I have not found any of the photos yet.  I am hoping as photos trickle out, I will find some for that, and maybe better ones for my Steampunk outfit from Sunday night.

Oh, and as a bonus, look what arrived today!

2015-09-10 18.30.34

Mental Floss: Eight Memorable Comics Screw-Ups


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Mistakes happen. Sometimes those mistakes end up in print with a distribution in the hundreds of thousands. Here are some classic screw-ups, printing errors, and unfortunate coincidences that have graced the pages of comic books and newspaper strips over the years. 


 In 1981, a newspaper layout error swapped the captions between a The Far Side and a Dennis the Menace strip to hilarious effect. 

Two years later, it happened again!



When Amazing Spider-Man #3 debuted in 1963, Spider-Man was still relatively new—but was that an excuse for writer and co-creator Stan Lee to confuse him with a character from the competition? 


This goofed attempt at tough talk from Captain America in Tales of Suspense #92 in 1967 has earned the honor of being one of the funniest lines of dialogue in cartooning history. It would later be corrected in reprints.

4. THE $%&#ing BATGIRL

In All-Star Batman & Robin #10 (2008), Frank Miller made this already weird and controversial series even more newsworthy when he gave the new Batgirl a potty mouth. Despite all of the curse words being blacked out, the contrast between the ink used for lettering and the ink used for censor bars resulted in clearly legible swears showing through. Eventually, DC recalled the issue. 


Garfield is not known for making controversial political statements, but many readers took great offense to this strip that ran on Veteran’s Day in 2010. Creator Jim Davis drew the strip almost a year in advance with no connection to Veterans Day and had no idea when it would actually run, as he explained in his written apology


When an artist on deadline quickly draws a villain looking through a periscope, it’s easy to forget that villain only has one good eye. Sal Buscema was the victim of this flub when he sketched the eye-patched Captain Barracuda in Incredible Hulk #219 (1978). 


In X-men #28 (1967), writer Roy Thomas falsely wrote “pliers” instead of “screwdriver.” The result: Hank “Beast” McCoy’s backhanded compliment to Jean Grey turned into a full-on insult to all women. 


Colorists have one of the most important jobs in comics. Sometimes their shady choices can lead to an entire print run getting destroyed, or “pulped.” In the case of Swamp Thing #15, the colorists didn’t botch the “flesh”-toned tentacles of the character named Arcane, but the pink hue became problematic when used on a tentacle that resembled male genitals. Writer Scott Snyder takes the blame in this hilarious series of tweets explaining how his demand for more tentacles on the page led to some really unfortunate imagery.

The image below is not even close to being the worst offender. You can click through to this collection of Snyder’s tweets to see the big reveal.

(Originally Posted on Mental Floss: http://mentalfloss.com/article/68192/8-memorable-comics-screw-ups)


Loot Crate August, 2015: Villains II + Level Up x2


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My internet at home has been down all week, which is frustrating.  I promised myself I would post this today while at work, then I realized I forgot to take pictures of my actual Loot Crate items.  So, I borrowed a few picture from google.  I will try to replace these later with my own images, but until then, this works.

My Loot Crate arrived Saturday afternoon while I was at Wizard World Chicago.  This month had only four items, but they were sizable items.  It included:

My favorite item, a Hydra replica pin.  For some reason, the Midwest Garrison has taken to shouting “Hail Hydra” to each other all the time, I even have a Hydra patch on my patch jacket.  This pin went straight on there, though it may move somewhere else eventually, since there is already Hydra representation.

My second favorite item, a Loot Crate Exclusive little wooden Joker figure with interchangeable heads (different heads have different words in his mouth).  Most people expect Joker to be my favorite male DC Villain (since I am Harley Quinn and all), but that honor goes to Riddler, who was my favorite long before Harley debuted in 1992.  Still, my puddin’ will always hold a special place in my heart.

An Apron, which I am told is from Breaking Bad.  I have never watched the show.  This item is functional, but it holds no real excitement for me.  I might use it, I might give it away, I have not decided yet.  I might take this as a gentle hint from the universe to watch the show, but only time will tell.

loot-crate-august-2015-IMG_5931 55d799789d15c
Finally, my least favorite item, one mug, either of Venom or Carnage (I received Venom).  I have a ton of mugs, though that does not stop me from buying more, but I am just not a fan of either of these.  I am not a fan of Venom or Carnage in general, but the mugs are kind of ugly, to be honest.  This is definitely going into my giveaway box from Loot Crate.


Now, onto the more exciting items!  This month, I sprang for TWO Level Up items:  The Wearable and the Accessories.  I could barely contain my excitement when I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon telling me that my package had arrived.  I ripped it open the moment I walked into the door.  Unlike the regular crate, these came in a typical plastic bag in the Loot Crate aesthetic.  These I took pictures of.

20150826_191007_001-1 20150826_191250-1My absolute favorite item for this entire months theme was the first thing I pulled out, a Harley Quinn hanging accessory/make-up bag.  This has a hook at the top that tucks neatly away when not in use, a top plastic pocket, a middle mess pocket, and a bottom removable plastic pocket.  This has already been filled with my make-up for DragonCon and has been placed in the great stack of packing.


The other item from the Accessory Level Up was this cute Poison Ivy hair bow.  It is pink and green, with the Bombshell version of Red on the pink.  The bow is very cute, and I thought about keeping it, but I have friends who would appreciate this more, so like my Harley case above, this is already in my DragonCon packing pile to bring to a friend of mine who now lives in Georgia.

20150826_191217-1 20150826_191224-1 20150826_191235-1Finally, the wearable item.  I was a little underwhelmed with this.  I was hoping for something a little…well, more, but it is still cute.  It is a basic black polyester polo shirt with a little Jabba the Hutt where you would be expecting to see a Lacoste alligator.  At least the shirt is in a women’s size though.  I will probably keep this, though I am not sure how much I will wear it.

Loot Crate includes a postcard in the Level Up bag.  It allows all Level Up subscribers to see what the other Level Up items they did not receive were.  I am glad I did not subscribe to the socks as well.

20150826_210557-1Finally, I leave you with the announcement I JUST received in my e-mail, next months theme!

unnamedunnamed2Not sure how I feel about this one.  I imagine a Crate full of Pokemon (which I am NOT a fan of at all).  I may very likely cancel my Level Ups for this one, but we’ll see.  I have a few more days until I need to worry about it charging.

Star Wars Make-Up


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Before I dive into the meat of this entry, I have to say that I received my Loot Crate tracking number for August last night.  EEee!  This months theme is Villains, so I am super excited.  Also, I bit the bullet and sprung for not one, but two of the Level Up items this month: accessories and wearable.  I heard these do not arrive at the same time as the normal crate, but I am excited either way.  Bring on the villainy!!


Now, I am sure everyone has seen or heard of the new Cover Girl Star Wars line.  Some people are rolling their eyes and scoffing at this, I rather love the idea.  For ages, us women have complained that we are not recognized in the geek community, and while this may be a very limited recognition, it is still a step in the right direction.  I have also started to see women’s sized Star Wars shirts in regular stores as well (that reminds me, I need to stop at Shopko to pick-up that Star Wars t-shirt).

So far from the news sites I have seen the lipstick, nail gloss, and mascara listed, but if you visit the Cover Girl website, you will also notice eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, and various other products.  It seems the theme is Droid/Light Side vs. Stormtrooper/Dark Side, which is an interesting choice.  The products listed so far are:
Lipstick (Hoping that these are not the actual names on the product, because they could be more creative here)
Dark Purple
Nail Gloss (Here we see some name creativity)
Speed of Light
Red Revenge
Very Black in waterproof or non

The mascara appears to not have much variety, but there are ten collectable tubes, all with quotes on them:

Again, these seem to be divided into Light and Dark Side, but what is a bit disappointing to me, is that all the Light Side quotes are from the Original Trilogy, but the Dark Side Quotes seem to have a mix of old and new.

I will be in Atlanta at DragonCon for the release of these on September 4th, but I am going to try to make it to a store and pick some up while I am there.

Loot Crate July, 2015: Heroes 2


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Hurray for Loot Crate!  I began my Loot Crate subscription in December of last year.  I first heard of it through my friend Dixie, who gave me her Joki shirt from the July, 2014 crate.  Unfortunately, I could not afford to subscribe right at that point, because the very next crate was Heroes and featured an exclusive Baby Dancing Groot Pop figure that I desperately want (if anyone out there happens to have that one and does not want it….).  Anyhow, onto July!

20150728_171213-1First of all, anyone who knows me (or pays attention to the name of this blog) should know that I am a huge Batman fan.  Ever since I was little, Batman was my favorite comic book world (this is why the New 52 brings me such sorrow….oh DC, what have you done to my babies?!?!?!).  I liked some Marvel as well, more X-Men than anything else (PSYLOCKE!), but the recent direction Marvel has gone with its cinematic universe has really turned me into a real Marvel fan.  Still, I love my old school DC, and this crate featured a good deal of it.

20150728_165830-1-1Probably my favorite item in this months crate was the Batman multi-tool.  I have yet to remove it from the package, I am torn between wanting to use it and not wanting to destroy it.  Still, the idea of a functional Bat-toy is exciting!

Joker - wonderful toys20150728_171028-1Tied as a close second is The League of Regrettable Superheroes, a book about “the strangest superheroes ever to see print.”  I am a shameless bookworm, so it is difficult for Loot Crate to do wrong by sending me a book.  Hopefully it will not take me as long to get around to reading this one as it has the other book I have received, Ready Player One, which I plan on reading this week.

20150728_171015-1Next up, a Spock air freshener.  Simple, straight forwards.  I still have a Captain America one from a previous crate that I need to use, but I can always use more geeky items for my car.  Plus, I am a cat, I love playing with the items dangling from my rear view mirror.

20150728_165847-1Back to DC, the room in this crate was mostly filled by this adorable little figure.  He will probably live in his box for a little while, however when I finally have more space and set up my bookshelf properly, I suspect he will find a home there.  It appears from other peoples pictures that the sign behind him is customizable as well.

20150728_170002-1Third and final DC item is this beautiful Wonder Woman mini-poster.  The picture is actually of the page in the magazine talking about it though, I did not feel like unrolling it and trying to pin down the corners just for one picture.  This will be living in its package as well.  It probably cannot live on my bookshelf of the future, but maybe somewhere near it.  Oddly, I was never a huge Wonder Woman fan, despite always wishing their were more brunette heroines.  I think I never really connected with her because she was an Amazon, therefore very tall, and I was always very short (acrobat!).

20150728_165858-1Finally, my least favorite item from this months crate.  I like Zelda as much as anyone, but I am not one for wearing sweatbands.  I may try to re-purpose this item, otherwise it will probably go in my pile of Loot Crate items that are destined for gifts.  I need to start taking inventory of what fandoms my friends are really into so that I can start giving some of these items some good homes.

That is all for July, but they have already released the theme for August and I am absolutely giddy with anticipation, because it is….DUN DUN DUN….

11813266_1040278562650381_6803866442680393854_nYES!  They revisited Heroes, and now, as I was hoping, they are revisiting Villains!  What am I hoping for?  Some Harley, obviously, also some more Loki, though I am not sure I will see any of that.  Loki is sort of off the radar right now, until Ragnarok in two years….maybe there will be a Villains 3 or 4 by that point, to fill my Loki wishes.  I may also have to bite the bullet on the Level Up items for next month, if any Harley or Loki items go out with those, I may never forgive myself.

In the Hospital and Craving Some Geekery

It is Wednesday, I am still in the hospital.  I have a whole stack of books to read while I am here and recovering at home, mostly Steampunk and Sci Fi.  I am super excited that by the time I go home, my Loot Crate box will have arrived, so expect a post about that next week.

I am super sad that I could not go see Ant Man prior to my surgery though.  This i the first Marvel movie in about two or three years that I have not seen on or before opening night and it is driving me crazy.  I am hearing all sorts of awesome reviews from everywhere, and though I am not overly excited by the character, I was not overly excited by most of the characters already, and have loved all the movies to date (yes, even Iron Man 3….to some extent…)  By the time I am mobile and have the funds to go to the movies, pretty much everyone I know will have gone to see it already.

Not sure what else to say for this week.  I plan on watching a lot of YouTube and Netflix once I get home, so if anyone has any suggestions of what to watch while on post-op house arrest, let me know (I already marathoned Wil Wheaton’s Table Top).


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